Classes are for students of all levels and walk-ins are welcome!  Each class is 90 minutes long (unless otherwise specified) and follows the traditional Bikram Hot Yoga method.



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26 poses | 90 MINUTES | 105 DEGREES


Opened in Summer 2014, Original Hot Yoga 305 is dedicated to the traditional practice of Bikram Hot Yoga, for students of all levels.  Our founder and lead instructor, Carolina Villalba, has created a community that reflects her own colorful energy and enthusiasm for the many benefits of Hot Yoga.  Surrounded by a healthy support system of positive, experienced instructors, we will help you transform your health and change your life!!!

We are located in South Miami, FL, across from Sunset Place off of US1...



5820 Commerce Ln
South Miami, FL


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Our studio's interior, featuring mural works from a handful of Miami's most prominent contemporary artists, reflects the hip and tropical vibes of the 305 while providing the perfect place for centered, inspired practice.

The 3,000 square-foot facility offers lockers, showers, massage rooms, retail space and a fully heated 1,470 square-foot practice room.  All amenities are available to members and can be reserved for special events and group training.

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View of our state-of-the-art fully heated practice room..



Here's a few organizations that have made Bikram Hot Yoga 305 their home for group training events:


Upcoming Workshops///

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Saturday, October 21st -- Foundations of 26 & 2


with Ainsley Ayers (visiting from Texas)

Join us for 3 hours with visiting teacher, Ainsley Ayers, as we dive into the foundations of the 26 postures. We will examine the commonalities between the postures and how to apply similar principles to find both depth and better alignment in your practice.

This class will be Low heat and provide you with a new skillset to better your practice. Laughs can also be expected. :) 

Exchange: $35

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*we recommend signing up for this class in advance as it may sell out*


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Sunday, October 22nd -- Introduction to Symmetry 


with Ainsley Ayers (visiting from Texas

A deeper look into the similarities between half moon, standing bow pulling, triangle and spine twist. Join us as we look at how specific body parts move and apply that knowledge to each posture.

You will walk away with a better understanding of each posture as well as simple exercises you can do on your own to take your practice even further!

Exchange : $35

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*we recommend signing up for this class in advance as it may sell out*

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Saturdays -- Fundamentals of Movement 


with Eli Goodman 

Push, pull, invert, play, compress and expand in an interdisciplinary class that combines elements of gymnastics, hand balance, dance, martial arts, and anything else to get you strong and mobile.

We grow our physicality so we can play a bigger movement game.
All levels welcome!
● From no-pushup to handstand pushup.
● From can’t-touch- my-toes to head to toe
● From one pack to six pack
● From no flow to super flow
● From no experience to experience
● From zero to hero
● From weak to strong
● From stiff to mobile
● From nothing to everything

Why this class? - To have people move to experience their lives fully. Everything revolves around movement and motor complexity. We are experiential creatures with movement at the center of our soul. Its paramount for our existence and survival that we move - not just  for disease management but from a psychological perspective. You will be happier and more fulfilled if you move in diverse ways. I want to create joy, happiness and fulfillment through a rich movement practice.

Exchange: $30 drop-in / this class is included with your package.

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Eli's Bio: As a student of movement for many years, Eli utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to combine gymnastics, handbalance, Weightlifting, dance, acrobatics, and martial arts - much of which is based off of the Ido Portal method.

In the past Eli has practiced martial arts, cycling, triathlons, Crossfit, functional fitness, yoga, and kettlebells. Eli pulls from his wealth of experiences to foster a safe and effective learning environment. He also holds a degree in Physiology and Kinesiology
from the University of Florida.

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Sundays -- Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow 


with Krista 

This Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow class is for *All Levels*!

It is much less traditional than the original primary ashtanga series, and is a great introduction to those who are interested in the traditional sequence but very unfamiliar. Much like the Bikram class, you can see your body change as the sequence remains the same. It's also a great complement too the Bikram series because it challenges your core, but in different ways than the bikram class (upper body work).

This class is like homework for the Bikram series and you may find you improve in the Bikram Sequence in postures like half moon, for example. Join us every Sunday and strengthen your body in ways you didn't even know you could! 

Exchange: $30 drop-in | This class is also included in your package !

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