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January 12th - 13th -- Flex! Arch! and Twist! & From Hands To Heart with Ammie Ferguson

  • Original Hot Yoga 305 5820 Commerce Ln South Miami, FL USA (map)

Saturday, January 12th

Flex! Arch! and Twist!

Sunday January 13th

From Hands To Heart

12 PM - 2 PM


Come explore not just your practice but yourself. 

Stretch the major connective pathways between the pelvis, ribs, shoulder girdle and spine. Increase the mobility of the spine in all four directions, north south east and west. Long holds, deep back bending, and creative spine twisting. From the base of the spine to the crown of the head using Yang/Yin Hatha Yoga + Science of the Self meridian science, heart awareness, breath and mudras to channel the felt experience and stimulate the nerve centers.

Exchange - $30