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Candlelit Vinyasa + Visualization Meditation Journey: Aquarian Water Medicine New Moon Ceremony

  • Original Hot Yoga 305 5820 Commerce Lane Miami, FL USA (map)

Sunday, Feb 3

5-7 PM

Join Alessandra Calderín of Boneseed for an evening of connecting to the medicine of the Moon and Aquarius. 

New moons offer new beginnings.  As the Moon pulls and releases the tides, she moves the watery parts of us, too (figuratively without emotions, literally with the 60% of our bodies that are water). On the night of the New Moon in Aquarius, the water bearer, we will honor the power of water, our connection to the sacred liquid and the waters of our pelvis in the sacral chakra.

Aquarius also rules The Star card in the Tarot, a card of sweet healing after intense transformation. This is an opportunity to rest and recover on your path to superstardom. As you set your new year intentions and cut the dead weight out of your life, are you taking care of your sacred body first? As you take the lessons of Capricorn season, striving and working so hard for what you want, can you take a step back through the lens of Aquarius and reconnect to yourself and the collective? reconnect to a sense of joy?

We'll begin the evening with a mindful vinyasa practice designed to open the hips and heart and move into a simple ritual and meditative journey to visualize what you need to feel loved and at home in your body.

*If you are new to meditation, guided visualizations are a great place to start because you will be guided by voice and imagery instead of feeling the pressure to focus hard on the breath or "clearing the mind".