POTM: Get ur Eagle On!


Happy September!  I hope that you guys have been practicing your Awkward Pose from last month, because we are jumping right on into the EAGLE POSE!  Check out some tips from Carolina herself, and start mastering the posture while reaping its many benefits!

We would LOVE to see and hear from you guys all month along: Post pictures of you practicing and tag it #potm, make a video giving your own personal tips and tricks, break out some yoga in the wild and take your practice to the streets... whatever makes you feel strong, healthy and happy!  We want to feature you here on the community board as well as our various social media feeds! 

So, show us your stuff and dont forget to tag #POTM and @BikramHotYoga305....

Thanks guys and Keep Cool. Keep Sweating!!!

jessy nite

young contemporary artist living and working in miami...specializing in interactive, site specific installations and custom, hand drawn typography.